Wow such an noob "clan" banning people for being better than them.

(14/03/2016, 21:26)Гость Писал(а):
(14/03/2016, 21:19)NX_Soulm4te Писал(а): please throw off your profile batllog

Why would I even come here if I was cheating? then I would probably just go to the next server and cheat till I got banned, I like your server, there are many guys from NEXT playing and they are good. Really. I'm coming here just to ask why, cause I'm not cheating.

(14/03/2016, 21:24)NX_Soulm4te Писал(а): you unban! We bring apologies

Thank you very much. Smile

Good Luck, Have Fun)))

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